Friday, March 8, 2013

Party Punch

One of the easiest punches I've ever made is one that conjures up fond memories of my Uncle F. He made it for holidays and special occasions. It only requires 2 ingredients and I am not sure if its simplicity was born out of need due to having a very large family or just because there was no need to further complicate it. As kids anticipating it to be made we didn't notice anything other than the sherbet looked like pretty floating clouds and it tasted really good! You were considered a "big kid" when you were asked to help scoop the sherbet and stir the punch. Oh, happy day, when that day arrived! The great thing with this punch is you can tailor the color of the sherbet to your occasion (raspberry for Valentine's or girl themed party, orange for Halloween, lime for St. Patrick's Day, etc.). This recipe also multiplies very easily. Cheers!


1 qt. sherbet, your choice of flavor
2 L bottle ginger ale, chilled


Pour ginger ale into punch bowl.  Scoop sherbet into bowl and stir. Some of the sherbet will melt into the ginger ale creating the punch, but many scoops should remain floating making them in high demand when serving☺.

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