Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kids in the Kitchen: Bunny Bait

This is a highly addictive snack mix that yields a huge amount so it is great for parties, packaging cutely for class gifts, etc. If you get the impression that I'm encouraging you to share it with others so that you don't eat it all yourself, then you would be correct. It is one of those things that you start eating and think, "enough," then you pick a piece with a pretzel with an M&M attached and think, "I'm done." Then you go back for a cluster of popcorn with the bright sprinkles and maybe a few M&M's in there.  It's never ending with this mix, so just package some up and share it with others and go bite the ears off your chocolate bunny.☺


3 cups popped popcorn or 1 bag microwave popcorn
3 cups pretzel twists
1 bag M&M's
1/4 cup sprinkles
1 bag white Wilton candy melts or white chocolate chips


Melt candy melts or white chips according to back of bag. Spread some waxed paper onto a large cookie sheet.In a large bowl (or stock pot if you don't have big enough bowl), mix together popcorn, pretzels, M&M's, and sprinkles. Hands are great for this especially if your kids are helping. Pour melted white chocolate over mixture in large bowl and use a spoon or spatula to carefully stir all together to coat everything. The M&M's and sprinkles will tend to sink to the bottom of the bowl so try to scoop them into the mixture as it will start to dry pretty quickly. Spread out onto cookie sheet and spread out to dry. Let dry for a while and then store in baggies or airtight bowl.

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Anonymous said...

gourgeus! !this stuff is soooooo goooood, one minute the bag is full then before you know it its half way gone!!!! ;)