Thursday, January 24, 2013

Topic: Organic Food Buying

WebMD has a helpful article that evaluates the benefits and questions the necessity of buying organic food. It also gives great tips on washing produce.  The agency often quoted in articles discussing organic produce is EWG (Environmental Working Group). Their website has a buying guide of what they call the Clean 15™ and Dirty Dozen™.  Those are lists that are based on pesticide contents in foods that are then classified as either "clean" or "dirty" which then steers you toward buying choices. The site has a FAQ section as well as several videos from Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  For me personally, it is very important to include fruits and vegetables in my family's diet.  I have had cancer twice in the past 4 years (thyroid and Non-Hodkins Lymphoma) so I now pay close attention to the additives in the foods we eat.  I have been driven to learn a lot more about diet and nutrition. Pesticides in our food is one aspect I have become more concerned with and try to exert more control over when choosing food for our family.  That is just my opinion based on my experience.  (These links are just informational and I haven't been paid for this post.)

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